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Drishti GS Book

Drishti GS Book is an elite publication collection known for publishing books for various government exams such as bank, BPSC, IAS/PCS/IPS/RAS/RPSC and High Court exams. They offer study material specifically targeted towards aspirants for these examinations.

ELEVATE 2023 is a targeted mentorship program that ensures concept building, analysis, answer writing practice and extensive revision in an efficient time-bound manner. It covers Prelims & Mains syllabus in its entirety.

Details of Drishti GS Book PDF

PDF NameDrishti GS Book PDF
Size15 MB
TypeGeneral Science
Used ForIAS, IPS, UPPSC, RAS, Bank & Railway
CategoryEducation Notes
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Drishti GS Book PDF

Downloading of Drishti GS Book PDF

If you would like to download Drishti GS Book as a PDF file, click on the link provided below and follow its directions. When clicking, a new tab will open, leading you directly to Google Drive where you can download its PDF copy for easy offline reading on Mobile, desktop and laptop computers.

Samsamayika Ghatna Chakra is a trusted Hindi books for Bank, BPSC, DRDO, IAS/PCS, High Court, Railway TGT/PGT/TET and UPPSC exams as well as magazine E-Drishti Navatra and Ghatna Chakra for government exam aspirants. Their publication boasts clear language and quality content making them one of the go-to books among civil services aspirants.

Drishti GS book has been updated with all the most up-to-date syllabus changes and topics, making it easier for students to comprehend its subject matter and score high marks on exams. With its logically divided chapters and sub-chapters, explanations are clear and direct; helping them achieve high scores in exams.

This book is the best choice for UPSC preparation as it covers all major chapters in depth. A must-have book PDF for anyone hoping to pass their exam, it will help provide you with a deeper understanding of each topic while building confidence and helping ensure success on test day by strengthening all key concepts and providing enough time for optional subjects preparation.

Content of Drishti GS Book

UPSC Mains’ General Studies Paper 1 (GS Paper 1) covers subjects like history, geography, art & culture & Indian society. As it’s an objective-type test designed to assess understanding & application of knowledge within public life context, aspirants wishing to ace it must master both static syllabi as well as stay current on current affairs in order to pass this paper successfully.

The Drishti GS Book is an exhaustive revision material that offers easy comprehension and retention for every aspect of this subject matter. The book features simple language that makes learning the material straightforward while simultaneously eliminating redundant data from being included in its pages. Furthermore, each chapter includes practice questions at its conclusion to help aspirants hone their skills before taking an examination.

Samsamayika Ghatna Chakra, an established publisher of Hindi books for IAS/PCS, BPSC, DRDO, high court and railway exams. Additionally, they publish magazines like E-Drishti Navatra and Ghatna Chakra which cover IAS/PCS exams like UPSSSC Bank UPSSSC UPSSSSC Bank DRODO UPS Police TGT/PGT/TET exams among many more.

Summary of Drishti GS Book

This comprehensive GS solution eliminates the need to consult standard NCERTs and other books by offering comprehensive notes and booklets with spaced learning approaches to enhance comprehension and retention. Plus, every module comes with 6 months free subscription to “Drishti Current Affairs Today.”

Samsamayika Ghatna Chakra is an established Hindi book publisher for bank, BPSC, DRDO, IAS/PCS/HC/SCSC exams as well as High Court SSC Railway TGT PGT TET exams. Additionally they publish monthly magazines like E-Drishti Navatra and Ghatna Chakra from Lucknow India; members of IAS Aspirants Association with over one million registered members worldwide.

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Important Questions of Drishti GS Book in Hindi

  1. ·  What is the latitude of the Equator on Earth? Answer: The latitude of the equator is zero degrees.
  2. ·  The longest of all rivers in the globe? Answer is: Nile River.
  3. ·  Is the world’s highest mountain summit on earth? Solution: Mount Everest.
  4. ·  What is the biggest ocean that exists in this world? Answer It’s the Pacific Ocean.
  5. ·  What is the most long stretch of coastline in India? Answer The coastline of Gujarat’s Saurashtra region.
  6. ·  Which is the most compact continent on earth? Answer: Australia.
  7. ·  Is there a most well-known dance style in India? Answer: Bharatanatyam.
  8. ·  Which port is India’s biggest situated? Answer: Navashiva Port in Mumbai.
  9. ·  Which is the most mountainous range found in India? Answer: The Himalayan mountain range.
  10. ·  What river is that is known as”the “daughter of the Ganges”? Answer It’s the Yamuna River.
  11. ·  What are the major oceans around the globe? Answer: Five major oceans.
  12. ·  What Indian state is referred to for being the “Land of the Rising Sun”? Answer: Arunachal Pradesh.
  13. ·  What European country is referred to by the name of “Land of the Magic”? Answer: The Netherlands.
  14. ·  What is the biggest Island in the globe? Answer: Greenland.
  15. ·  What archipelago is called”the “Islands of Fire”? Answer Falkland Islands. Falkland Islands.
  16. ·  What is the location where you can find the globe’s tallest cathedral? Answer: Nepal, Mount Everest.
  17. ·  Which is the island group known under the title of “Maldives”? Answer: Maldives located in the Indian Ocean.
  18. ·  Which is the most populous nation around the globe? Answer: Russia.
  19. ·  Where in which Brazilian city is the Amazon River located? Answer: Manaus.
  20. ·  What is the total number of continents on the planet? Answer: Seven continents.
  21. ·  Which is the location of Sahara Desert located? Answer: Africa.
  22. ·  Which country has China? Great Wall of China located? Answer: China.
  23. ·  What number of Union territories and states exist in India? Answer: There are 28 states as well as 8 Union Territories.
  24. ·  What is where the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary located? Answer: Gujarat.
  25. ·  What Indian state is most famous for Vaishali the ancient city? Answer: Bihar.
  26. ·  What is the largest island? Answer: Greenland.
  27. ·  What is the highest lake? Answer: Pangong Tso in Tibet.
  28. ·  What is the lengthiest railway station in India situated? Answer: Gorakhpur.
  29. ·  How many oceans of the world are connected through canals? Answer: Three oceans namely Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian.
  30. ·  Which is the biggest district within India? Answer: Ladakh (Jammu and Kashmir).


 In Conclusion आपको हमारी यह पोस्ट पसंद आई है तो एक कमेंट करके जरूर जाए| साथ ही इस पोस्ट (Drishti GS Book PDF: Download Now) को अपने दोस्तों के साथ जरूर शेयर कीजिए| इसके अलावा हमारी other PDF डाउनलोड करने के लिए नीचे दिए गए बटन पर क्लिक करें| यदि किसी को हमारी पीडीएफ से कोई Copyright issue हो तो हमें ई-मेल से या फिर Contact us पेज पर जाकर Contact कर सकते हैं| 24 घंटे के अंदर, हम आपको जरूर मेल करेंगे|धन्यवाद जय हिंद
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